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Buckeyes are a treat from Columbus, Ohio (the buckeye State). They are wonderful. I was lucky enough to get a recipe from Karen of The Country Cupboard in Ohio. Don't thank me, thank Karen.

Download Buckeyes (49 Kb PDF file)

Moroccan Chicken
Warm apricots and dates keep chicken company under puff pastry. Looks gorgeous, simple to make.

Download Moroccan Chicken (53 Kb PDF file)


Dan's Rainbow Cake
Dan told me about this rainbow cake he saw watching a kid's cooking show. He helped me make it for our Easter dessert. It's fun, it's festive.

Make angel food cake batter. (Cake mix is okay, your time is better spent stitching). Separate the batter into four bowls and add food colouring to the batter. Pour the batter into the pan. Bake. When it's cool, cut the cake in half so it resembles a rainbow. Ice with fluffy white icing. It's heavenly!