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See our featured project in this issue of Just CrossStitch magazine!Feature project in Just CrossStitch

It was an honour to be asked to design a project for Just CrossStitch magazine. This magazine first introduced me to the wonderful possibilities that can be achieved by stitching a simple X.

Why a Celtic Knot?
It was suggested to me that designing a Celtic knot would be appropriate to introduce stitchers to Great Bear Canada. Yes, I love drawing other things, but people remember Great Bear Canada for our Celtic knots.

Why a smaller project?
Most stitchers I know are pressed for time. Stitchers have to be organized and good time managers just to carve out a little bit of time for stitching. I wanted to create a project that was achievable with a small time commitment.

Why a Shaker Box top?
I just love those boxes. One of my first stitching gifts from my husband Bob was a Shaker box from my favourite needlework shop. I love digging through the treasures at needlework shops to find inspiration. I come home with something I love, then have to design something especially for it.

Designing my first project for Just CrossStitch was a good experience. I enjoyed talking with Christy Schmitz about our shared passion for stitching. I hope you enjoy the project. Please share your experience and pictures of your finished Celtic knot with me.

Other photos shown in the issue:

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"...featured in Just CrossStitch. The design is beautiful, and we thank you for allowing us to feature your work. I know that our readers will be amazed by the design and want to stitch their own."

Christy Schmitz
Editorial Assistant
Just CrossStitch

Just CrossStitch magazine


Supply List:

In this project we used Kreinik Metallic thread, #4 braid. Three Skeins of each colour were needed.

  • Lightgold = Kreinik 102 HL
  • Medium gold = Kreinik 002 HL
  • Dark gold = Kreinik 5005

Fabric: Wichelt linen Wild Blue Bells in 18 count

The fabric used to stitch this model is from Wichelt. It is Wichelt linen Wild Blue Bells in 18 count. This makes the knot small enough to fit on a 7 1/4" wide Shaker Box top.

Any 18 count fabric will work to give you the right size knot to fit on top of a Shaker box. I chose blue to work with the gold colour of the knots. I chose a linen to remind people that cross stitch projects can be worked on fabric other than aida.

Choose a fabric you love in a colour you love. Visit your favourite needlework shop, they'll have lots of materials to inspire you!

Want to finish your Celtic knot faster?

The best advice I can give about stitching one of our Celtic knots is to stitch the middle colour first. All of it. That way, you've created the skeleton or framework of the knot on your fabric. You'll need to add the highlights and the shadows of course, but your actual counting will be greatly diminished. This makes for a speedy completion.