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Spirit Series

JoyClick to see the finished cross-stitch

Be creative, be yourself. Let this piece remind you daily of all the ways to invite joy into your life. Honor your creativity and values by stitching one of the Spirit Series. Each pattern combines a symbol from nature with a meditative word, to speak to the stitcher's heart and become a completed touchstone.

Great Bear Canada is proud to introduce the Spirit Series – contemporary patterns to celebrate the spirit and values in all stitchers. Full color chart opens up to 11” x 17”. Get caught up in the spirit of adventure and try Silk Mori threads and hand-overdyed variegated floss. Be joyful.

Michelle talks about joy
Joy is ever so sweet after its absence. One of the hardest parts of living through a depression is the growing awareness that one’s joy is slipping away. The senses lose their receptivity and pleasures dim: food loses its taste, music sounds flat. But when the senses reawaken, it is such a gift. I think about jazz musicians who describe the intense, sustained ecstasy of playing as pure joy. This is what I feel when I am with horses. I love losing myself in the pure physical connection with these gentle giants – brushing them, cleaning them, feeling their softness and drinking in their scent. Joy is about being present, about the exhilaration of this very moment.


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