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Spirit Series

GratitudeClick to see the finished cross-stitch

Gratitude is a beautiful reminder to make thankfulness and appreciation a daily part of living. As a promise to yourself to care for your spirit and honor your values – spend a bit of time with the Spirit Series. By matching a single, reflective word with a natural symbol, each pattern in the Spirit Series speaks to the heart, and then becomes a personal touchstone.

The Spirit Series, new contemporary patterns from Great Bear Canada, are needlework-friendly. Enjoy the big, full color chart. Stitch on your preference – evenweave or aida. Experiment with variegated threads and Silk Mori floss. Value your work. Be grateful for your graces.

Michelle talks about gratitude
I like to see this word – in fact, I like and need to see it often. Gratitude is my defense against disappointment, self-pity, criticism and envy. When I concentrate on what I have/can do/can be, there isn’t the opportunity to get stuck on what I don’t have/can’t do/will never be.

Gratitude is my antidote for those nagging, not-enough thoughts. My family plays a game in December. Every night after supper, we count our blessings, collecting coins for each one. We might count how many beds we have, or how many relatives. We might add up the boxes of cereal in the cupboard, or the pairs of socks in a drawer. Each day is different and brings in different amounts of coins. On Christmas Day we donate the money to a charity that helps the less fortunate. For my family it’s a terrific reminder of all that we no longer notice, as well as a counterweight to the consumer focus of the holiday.

I have a couple of other ways to jump-start my gratitude, too. When I spend time at a cottage or camp with few creature comforts, I return home grateful for what’s there. I also keep a journal where I jot down everyday pleasures, the kind that don’t come from a store. When I reread them later, I’m humbled by how blessed I am.


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