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Spirit Series

FriendshipClick to see the finished cross-stitch

A perfect gift for best friends, this piece celebrates your commitment to the gift of friendship.

New from Great Bear Canada, the Spirit Series combines symbols from nature with a contemplative word, giving each piece a contemporary flair. The Spirit Series are full color cross stitch patterns, and open up to an easy-to-read 11” x 17” colour chart. Stitch on your choice of evenweave or aida, and perhaps try your hand at Silk Mori threads and hand-overdyed variegated threads. Needlework-friendly too.

Michelle talks about friendship
Isn’t friendship a surprise? We never know who will find their way into our life and make it richer. And age has nothing to do with it: shared interests and outlook, similar senses of humour are what cement people. Even after a long absence, the rhythm of conversation just starts up again. Friends are also there to give support when we need it. In fact, I know friendship is thriving in my own life when support appears at times I don’t even realize I need it. Of course, it’s all give and take in the best friendships: these same people also teach me how to give support. I like to count as my closest friends my life partner, my brothers and sisters, my children. And, yes, myself.

me and you
give and take
take and give
give thanks


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