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Traditions Series

Time Spent StitchingClick to see the finished cross-stitch

“Time Spent Stitching” is the perfect stitchers alibi. This sampler is part of the premiere Traditions line introduced by Great Bear Canada. The pattern opens up to reveal a great big (17½” x 23½”) color chart with easy-to-read symbols. A gift for tired eyes! Includes quotations you’ll enjoy.

Item # GBC-112 stitched on aida or evenweave; DMC and Anchor codes.

Michelle talks about this pattern
My grandmother, Margaret Mellon, was one of those ordinary, extraordinary women. She was born in 1881 and lived deep into the next century. She lived, in fact, until she was nearly 100!

In between, she met and married my grandfather, moved to Maine and then back to New Brunswick, had nine children (two of whom she lost as babies), and helped run a farm. She also made things with her hands – everything from quilts to socks. She knit and wove and hooked and quilted.

My Aunt Mary tells me she and Grandma even knit socks for the boys off in the Navy. ("I used to feel terrible for the poor souls who had to wear them!" my aunt confesses now). The thought of those lovingly crafted, but probably scratchy and bulky, socks makes me smile now, as I count stitches and pull thread in my home in Hamilton, Ontario.


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