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Traditions Series

The Herb GardenClick to see the finished cross-stitch

Satisfy your need for green in the middle of winter. The Herb Garden is an elegant design (or backyard plan) with a center sundial and a brickwork surround. Perfect for gardeners and lovers of traditional gardenscape.

Part of the premiere Traditions line, this full color chart has easy-to-read symbols. It opens up to an oversized 17½” x 23½” color pattern. A gift for tired eyes! Stitchers will love the stories that accompany the pattern.

Stitched on aida or evenweave; DMC and Anchor codes.

Michelle talks about this pattern
This pattern was the very first Bob designed for my stitching pleasure. We were away at the cottage for our summer holidays. Before the slower, holiday rhythm took hold, his need to accomplish something produced this design. (I had a little input, naturally.)

Other uses for this pattern
The Herb Garden hangs in the hall on our second floor, right at the top of the stairs. Even so, we decided not to frame it, hanging it instead from brass bars, top and bottom, which we find looks terrific. I also think this pattern would make a great decorator pillow, particularly in a light-drenched spot like a sun room.

You could also use just the center of the Herb Garden pattern, without any type at the top or bottom. The center pattern would be appealing in a formal dining room or bedroom, or in a room overlooking a garden. In fact, any room decorated with a botanical theme, or with botanical prints, would welcome this picture.


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