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Traditions Series

Bless This HouseClick to see the finished cross-stitch

Part of the premiere Traditions line, this full color chart has easy-to-read symbols. It opens up to an oversized 17½” x 23½” color pattern. A gift for tired eyes! Stitchers will love the stories about rural crafts.

Stitched on aida or evenweave; DMC and Anchor codes.

Michelle talks about this pattern
This pattern and blessing were created in thanksgiving for having a roof over our heads, for having a warm and welcoming home in which to raise our sons.

A few Thanksgivings ago I found myself wondering: what are we thankful for? And – a tougher question, I suppose – why aren't we more thankful? I realized that while I'm grateful for the harvest, the usual images of pumpkins and squirrels didn't speak to me. A house said far more.

This is my roof then: work, children, being cared for, and (not least at all) having hope. These are life's blessings.

Other uses for this pattern
Try stitching the gingerbread men onto an apron, with the words 'warm and wonderful' underneath. A whole border of gingerbread men could be stitched on a bread cloth – perfect for presenting homemade muffins. The words 'Baby's First Christmas' with a single gingerbread man would make a delightful holiday ornament. Or what about a bookmark lined with a row of gingerbread men for your favourite cook, even a row of trees for an outdoors friend?

What do you want to do now?

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See what the pattern looks like inside

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