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Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has already seen and thinking what nobody has already thought.

Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi - the Scientist Speculates (1962)

Fall's fresh bounty calls out for trying new recipes

Give Moroccan Chicken a try.


Looking for a new Celtic project?

See our featured project in this issue of Just CrossStitch magazine!


Look no further...

October 2006 issue

"...featured in Just CrossStitch. The design is beautiful, and we thank you for allowing us to feature your work. I know that our readers will be amazed by the design and want to stitch their own."

Christy Schmitz
Editorial Assistant
Just CrossStitch

Welcome to
Great Bear Canada.

Today, you see our website dressed for fall; the colours here will change as the seasons do.

hand stitch painted canvas

Do you prefer painted canvas?

Some of our stores carry our stitch painted canvas. For more info click here.